Our compensation plan is designed to be simple and viable. Our membership is based on pounds sterling and on units of support. Normally one unit of support will cost say 10 pounds. We may also market it at 10 dollars or 10 euros. Whatever the monetary value of it, members will choose their support by selecting one or more units per month. There is no joining fee. They just sign up to be members and affiliates, are approved, and then activate their monthly subscription. At that point they are given an affiliate membership number. They can then work at getting other members to sign up. For each member who signs up, they get 20%. Then if that member who we will call B signs up a third one C, then A will get 10% of C´s subscription, and then 10% of D´s subscription and finally 5% of E´s subscription.

Now to make this clearer, lets assume all sign up with just one unit of support, and that all obtain just 10 new members. After a time you could then obtain the
following monthly commission.

  • A gets 10 new members each paying 10 pounds. So total 10 x 10 equals 100 on which A gets 20% equals 20 pounds.
  • B gets 10 new members each paying 10 pounds. So total 10 x 10 x 10 equals 1000 pounds on which A gets 10% equals 100 pounds.
  • C gets 10 new members each paying 10 pounds.
  • So total 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 equals 10,000 pounds on which A gets 10% equals 1000 pounds
  • D gets 10 new members each paying 10 pounds.
  • So total 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 equals 100,000 on which A gets 5% equals 5000 pounds.

In that example A would thus get a total of 6120 pounds, assuming everyone continued their membership without cancelling. We use leading professional software, Post Affiliate Pro, to accurately calculate our affiliates´commissions every month. It gets better than that however. Every unit of support that your work generates gives you a point on your account.

They are a measure of how much you have impacted the crusade over the long term. Even if you stop your membership, and then start over again years later, you would never lose the points that have been credited to you. In the above example, with each member contributing one unit of support, your total points for that month would be 11,110. Had the subscription been in say euros, then the points allocated would be 0.9 per unit of support, reflecting the euro pound exchange rate.

Each month you generate points based on the total number of support units generated by your family of affiliates. As your points balance reaches certain levels, we award you stars of merit along with performance gifts. These are not defined rights of the compensation plan but are at the discretion of the trustees, who will award them to affiliates who in their opinion have rendered exceptional service to the crusade.

This compensation plan is designed to reward hard and consistent work. The example above is not a promise or guarantee of similar earnings, simply being an example of how our compensation plan works. To obtain new members requires a lot of effort, patience and work. Nevertheless, the beauty of our plan is that anyone with hard effective work can achieve a decent passive income from his or her efforts, without having to wait years for a rise in salary. We reserve the right to change our compensation plan at any time.