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We invite members of the crusade to become affiliates and work to inspire others to join the crusade. The more members we have, the greater the difference we can make. As an affiliate you will earn a commission on all members introduced by you. You will also get a commission on members intoduced by them and so on up to four levels. This is network marketing.

The advantage for our charity is it enables people to get to know about the charity through word of mouth marketing as opposed to buying expensive publicity campaigns. The advantage for you is that it enables you to earn a part time passive income while at the same time making a positive impact on the tragic situation we are trying to address.

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How to become an affiliate?

  • Signup from below newsletter.
  • Print the registration form given in below link , complete it, and scan it and then email it to us as an attachment to say along with a copy of your documentation, ie passport, identity card etc.
  • If you are willing to work to promote the crusade, then you can also sign up to be an affiliate. You should first enter your email address in the box below, then choose your level of support by choosing the number of support units you will donate every month, by clicking on the donate now button, and then complete the registration form, print it, sign it, and send it to us in an email attachment.Support units are priced in the main currencies so you should be able to choose a currency that is easy for you to use, and the minimum required support is just one support unit per month.
  • If you just want to make a one off donation, then go to our charity´s main site and click on the donate now button there.

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